Thursday, September 21, 2006


Attacks on U.S. troops increasing

Major General William Caldwell says attacks are increasing on American troops in Iraq, mainly in the form of car bombs and suicide car bombers. This follows an announcement by made Abu Hamzad al-Muhajir, the new leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, earlier this month that every insurgent should kill one American in the next 15 days. The statement was on an audio tape aired on Al-Jazeera earlier this month.
Meanwhile, a UN report says at least 6,599 civilians died in Iraq over July and August, or nearly 800 more than in the previous two months. The report said the July total of 3,590 deaths was unprecedented, while the August figure, though lower, was also among the worst yet. It also mentions that hundreds of bodies bearing signs of torture and execution style killings continue to appear throughout the country.

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