Friday, September 15, 2006


Round-up of Iraqi press

(Al-Bayyna) After meeting with Iraqi Kurdistan President Massood Barzani, President Jalal Talbani said that there would be a committee formed to present parliament with a project for a new flag for Iraq. The two presidents also discussed the issue of federalism, the budget of the Kurdistan region and the power and fuel crises. (Al-Bayyna is a weekly paper issued by the Hezbollah movement in Iraq.)
(Al-Mashriq) Arab League envoy to Baghdad Mukhtar Lumani on September 13 discussed sectarian issues with Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Ghafoor al-Samarrai, leader of the Sunni Endowment, and Sheikh Salih al-Haideri, head of the Shia Endowment. He urged them to work together to help stop violence in Ramadan and diffuse rising sectarianism. (Al-Mashriq is published daily by Al-Mashriq Institution for Media and Cultural Investments.)
(Baghdad) The national league of Iraqi tribal leaders said now is not the right time to talk about federalism due to poor security and instability in Iraq. They suggested a future public referendum on the issue. (Baghdad is a daily newspaper issued by the Iraqi National Accord.)

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