Tuesday, November 21, 2006


'Iraqi Resistance' allegedly behind Health Minister abduction

According to the Free Arab Voice, the Iraqi resistance kidnapped the Minister of Health and he supplied information to them which facilitated the attacks on several ministers on Monday. In a dispatch posted at 7:55pm Makkah time Monday night, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that it had obtained details of the abduction of the deputy puppet "Minister of Health" 'Ammar as-Saffar from his home in Baghdad on Sunday evening, by men wearing uniforms of puppet security agencies.
Mafkarat al-Islam reported a source in the Iraqi puppet security apparatus, who asked not to be identified, as saying that at 5:45pm local time Sunday evening four white cars with tinted windows driven by men wearing official black uniforms pulled up by the deputy puppet "Minister’s" house, as did two "Monica" vehicles (Toyota Landcruisers) belonging to the puppet "Iraqi Interior Ministry" driven by men wearing the uniform of the Iraqi puppet "Special Forces."
Upon arriving at the house, the men in the vehicles got out, raised the iron roadblock and asked the seven guards, who were equipped with modern arms, to tell the deputy puppet "Minister" that an important person was urgently waiting for him in the so-called "Green Zone" where the American occupation has its headquarters in Baghdad. When the puppet "Deputy Minister" as-Saffar came out in casual attire, he was asked respectfully to get into one of the cars. He told the men that he had to change first, however. The men told him that the matter was urgent and there was no need for him to change clothes. This caused the puppet "Deputy Minister" to question their identity and also their identity papers, which indicated that they were with the puppet "Personal Guards Department."
The men then pushed as-Saffar forcibly into one of the cars. One of the bodyguards at the home moved to open fire on the men, but they shot him on the spot. The other guards ran for cover and began firing at the kidnappers from a distance but by that time the cars had driven off at "insane speed" and had reached the far end of al-Maghrib Street.
The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that this account of the abduction of the puppet "Deputy Minister" strongly suggested that it was the Iraqi Resistance that had kidnapped as-Saffar in a hitherto unprecedented highly sophisticated operation. This supposition appeared to be confirmed by the spate of attacks on puppet regime officials that swept occupied Baghdad on Monday. Targeted for attack on Monday were the puppet "Minister for the Tribes," Muhammad al-'Uraybi; the puppet "Deputy Administrative Minister of Health," Hakim az-Zamili; a "General Director" in the puppet "Ministry of Trade," Amir Ahmad; and a high ranking officer in the 2nd Division of the Iraqi puppet army.
It would appear, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent said, that as-Saffar had provided useful information to his captors about other top officials in the puppet regime, facilitating the Monday attacks. The Iraqi Resistance was seen behind a spate of attacks on puppet regime officials in Baghdad on Monday. An ambush and attempt to abduct the puppet "Minister for the Tribes," Muhammad al-'Uraybi took place on Muhammad al-Qasim Road in Baghdad. The puppet "Minister" miraculously escaped, fleeing to an American camp together with his bodyguards.

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