Wednesday, May 16, 2007


50,000 Turkish soldiers on Turk-Iraqi border

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(PanARMENIAN) - 50,000 Turkish soldiers are now concentrated at Turk-Iraqi border region of Sirnak. According to military sources a large operation by Turkish military forces aimed at PKK (Worker's Party of Kurdistan) terrorists in the provinces of Sirnak near the Iraqi border continues. Units of the Turkish military are fighting in the Cudi and Gabar mountains, as well as the Bestler-Dereler points near Sirnak. New positions have been staked out by Turkish armed forces near the border, taking the border into direct target in preparation for terrorists trying to cross over. While the transfer of soldiers and vehicles to the border area continues, as it has for 3 months now.
U.S. Ambassador to Ankara Ross Wilson stated the United States supports the Turkish military operation in its pursuit of PKK terrorists. "Turkey has been in a leader position for a long time in the fight against terror. It has faced terror on a high level for a long time. Turkey has lost 40 thousand lives fighting in the last years," Wilson stated speaking at an anti-terrorism conference held this week at the Swissotel in Istanbul.
Speaking in direct reference to the renewed efforts by Turkish security forces against PKK forces last week, Wilson said, "In recent weeks, the Turkish security forces began an open struggle against the PKK. The U.S. supports this struggle," Ross Wilson underlined, Hurriyet reports.

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