Monday, May 14, 2007


Al Qaeda controls most of Diyala while parliament makes suggestions on security situation

(Al Mada Newspaper AR.) - 13 MAY - According to eyewitnesses, insurgent groups control most of Baquba’s areas, plus other areas of Diyala Province. And, at the same time, the Iraqi and US forces have not made any progress against the insurgent groups.
An eyewitnesses told Al Mada Newspaper, “This bad security situation, in Diyala Province, began before Baghdad’s new security plan “Operation Enforcing the Law” started… Therefore, we do not agree with the US Army’s statement that the reason behind Diyala’s bad security situation is due to terrorists who ran away from Baghdad and came to Diyala Province.”
The Commander of US forces in Diyala Province said, “Currently, I only have 3,500 US soldiers; in order to restore security in Diyala Province I will need 3,000 more soldiers.” The eyewitnesses said, “We are shocked, because the (Iraqi) government has done nothing for us. Al Qaeda has killed 11,200 of Diyala’s people, displaced 9,500 families, and now we have 8,250 widows and 16,500 orphans… Al Qaeda has also destroyed 66 Shrines.”
[NOTE: The Newspaper noted that these numbers were provided by (displaced) Diyala residents, now living in Karbala Province who have conducted demonstrations about the conditions in Diyala Province. The witnesses also said, “Some clashes have occurred between the insurgents but Al Qaeda now controls many of Diyala’s government facilities." The witnesses added that recently the Shamarri, Tamim, Karkhiya, and Mujamah tribes have established a “coalition.”
In related news: yesterday, Iraq’s Parliament held a session to discuss Diyala’s security situation. A Parliament Committee had visited the displaced Diyala residents in Karbala Province who had protested about Diyala Province’s situation. This Parliament Committee made suggestions (about actions which) the security forces should take, such as:
Secure the main roads which lead to Baquba City, especially, secure the Baquba-Baghdad (Highway) route,
Conduct wide-spread military operations to “clean the terrorists out of” Diyala Province,
Form a (special) court to punish the criminals,
Punish the [corrupt and/or inefficient/incompetent] security officials in Diyala,
Form a committee to compensate the citizens who suffered losses or damages.

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