Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Basrah farmers receive new loans

(BI-ME) - Total loans provided by the Farmers Lending Fund in the Ministry of Agriculture for farmers in Basrah province in March alone were nearly IQD58 million (US$46,000) covering five different activities. The Director of Basrah Cultivation, Amir Salman Abdul-Hussein, said in a statement that during his presence at the Ministry the loans granted within the new budget to the Fund increased from IQD25 billion (US$19.8 million) to IQD50 billion (US$39.7 million) for the current year.
This will provide great opportunities to serve a wide spectrum of farmers and the various activities of the Fund, which include 17 different specialties. He expressed confidence that the numbers of farmers applying for loans from the fund will increase during the coming months.He said loans granted to farmers in central Basrah and Qurnah district were distributed as IQD37 million for the first instance, and IQD20 million for the second to cover the purchase of trailers at the cost of IQD10 million, drilling wells at IQD37 million, IQD4 million for the cultivation of wheat, IQD3 million for orchards, and IQD2.5 million to develop apiaries.

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