Tuesday, May 29, 2007


British General Negotiated With Armed Iraqi Groups

(Azzaman Newspaper) - 28 MAY - Yesterday, the Sunday Telegraph Newspaper revealed that a British General is leading negotiations with armed groups in order to reach an agreement that the armed groups will put down their weapons in exchange for senior positions in the Iraqi security forces. The newspaper also said, “General “Graham Lamb” met with armed group leaders in the Green Zone in Baghdad to encourage these groups fight the extremist foreign fighters of Al Qaida, who use bloody tactics against Iraqis.
General Lamb is a former British Special Forces officer and represents the Iraqi government and MNF during these negotiations. He is also conducting negotiations with moderate militia which created death squads in response to the sectarian attacks of Al Qaida. A successful agreement will be very important in order for the US security plan to succeed in Baghdad. US General Davis Petraeus, the MNF Commander in Iraq, selected General Lamb himself to negotiate with the armed groups and moderate militia because General Lamb is more neutral than other US officers and also because the British forces do not have a large presence in Baghdad.”
An American forces senior advisor involved in the new security plan said, “These negotiations are unofficial and they are being held in the Green Zone in Baghdad. General Lamb, armed Sunni groups, and Iraqi tribal sheikhs who support the current resistance are attending these negotiations. The British General as a mediator between Iraqi officials and the leaders of Sunni armed groups, who are starting to believe in the reality of Shiites controlling the government.”
The newspaper added, “During the negotiations the armed groups, the armed groups have offered that in exchange for senior security forces positions they will declare a cease fire. They are also demanding amnesty for their members already in prison except for those involved in beheadings or killing large groups of civilians, canceling the DeBaathification Law, and pensions for those have been forced out of governmental, military, and security positions.”

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