Monday, May 28, 2007


Camp for displaced people to be set up in Arbil

(Voices of Iraq) - A camp for displaced persons coming from Mosul will be set up in Arbil soon, mayor of Arbil's city of Khabat, Rizkar Mustafa, said on Sunday. "It will be an emergency camp where the displaced from Mosul can settle until we know their exact numbers and the security reasons related to their exodus," Mustafa told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).
"The camp will be open to all displaced," Mustafa added, explaining that they included Iraqis from all communities and religious and ethnic groups. According to Mustafa, nearly 500 families, mostly from Baghdad and Diala, 60 km northeast of it, have fled to Arbil. Ninety percent of those from Mosul were Kurds, along with 25 Christian families and 20 Turkmen families.
"The province and the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) institutions have all made preparations for receiving the displaced. Around 2,000 tents will be set up," Mustafa indicated. "In cooperation with the regional government's institutions in Arbil, we have managed to provide the camp with water and electricity. Moreover, in coordination with the province, the Iraqi Red Crescent will supervise the camp," Mustafa said, explaining that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees will provide assistance to the displaced.
When asked about the number of displaced arriving in the province, Mustafa said that from two to five families arrive in Arbil everyday. "We sometimes receive 25 families a day," he added. Around 1,700 families have moved to Arbil, 700 of which are being housed in downtown Arbil, a relatively large number given the city's total population of 25,000.

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