Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Chalabi survives assassination attempt

(Al Mashriq Newspaper) - 21 MAY - Iraqi politician, Ahmed Al Chalabi, has survived an assassination attempt during his visit to Diyala Province, NE of Baghdad. According to an IP source, on Saturday Al Chalabi was visiting Buhriz, in southern Baquba. During his visit he was observing the security operation that was started by Iraqi and US forces during the past few days.
As soon as Al Chalabi reached Buhriz escorted by a huge security convoy, many mortars landed on the area of the convoy. At the same time, gunmen attacked Al Chalabi’s convoy and surrounded it. There were heavy clashes between the gunmen and Al Chalabi’s bodyguards. The source confirmed that unless the US helicopters and forces intervened, no-one could have ended the gunmen’s surrounding of Al Chalabi’s convoy to save him.

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