Friday, May 25, 2007


China to sign $750 mn. power station contract

( - A high-level delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity in Beijing is signing a contract to have China speed up implementation of the power station at Zubaydiah in southern Baghdad. An official source in the ministry said that the two sides agreed, during a meeting between the Minister of Electricity Kareem Waheed and the Chinese ambassador in Baghdad, to expedite the signing of a contract for the construction of the 1320 megawatt Al-Zubaydeh power station, at a cost of $750 million.
The Ministry of Electricity has started preparing special sites for 50 generators in the city of Baghdad, to increase electric production before mid-June and reduce hours of rationing in the capital. On the other hand, a dispute escalated between officials in the ministries of oil and electricity about supplying the power plants with fuel; the Ministry of Electricity held the Ministry of Oil responsible for the waste of 1000 MW capacity because of shortfalls of fuel for the plants.

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