Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Clashes with Mahdi Army in Kut and Basrah

(Azzaman Newspaper) - 21 MAY - Yesterday, Wasit Police enforced a curfew in Kut city. The curfew started at 5pm and lasted until this morning. Wasit Police enacted the curfew because of clashes which occurred between the Mahdi Army and US forces in southwestern Kut. A source said, “Yesterday afternoon, violent clashes occurred between the Mahdi Army and US forces with the assistance of the Iraqi Police in southwest Kut.” The security source also said, “These clashes occurred after an IED exploded on a US Patrol. The IED explosion destroyed one Humvee.”
In related news, security sources said, “On Saturday, violent clashes occurred between unidentified gunmen and MOI Special Forces in the Saydia area. The clashes killed one civilian and wounded one person.” The source clarified, “Unidentified gunmen fought with the MOI Special Forces in the Saydia area and the gunmen escaped to an unknown location.”
In Basrah, the Mahdi Army also clashed with British Forces. The clashes destroyed a number of British vehicles and wounded a number of British soldiers. The clashes occurred a few hours after the British Prime Minister left Basrah. The clashes occurred because British forces arrested four people and later, the British camps came under attack.
The violent clashes occurred in the Maqal, Jamiyat Al Munkini, and the Hay Al Bidan areas. Eyewitnesses said, “The gunmen used light and heavy machine guns, as well as RPGs in the clashes that destroyed some British vehicles and wounded many on both sides.” Eyewitnesses confirmed, “Three British soldiers were wounded, two gunmen were also wounded, and two British vehicles were destroyed. In addition, cars and stores were burned and Isama Mosque was destroyed.

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