Monday, May 21, 2007


Former Iraqi Army told to report to MOI or face prosecution

(Voices of Iraq) - The Iraqi interior ministry will call on all staff from security agencies during the time of the former regime to appear at the ministry's institutions and police stations, "otherwise they will be dealt with in accordance with the terrorism law," an official source said.
"The decision to bring back the old security staff includes those who worked in intelligence, public security and special services, except those who have reached the age of retirement," Maj. General Abdul-Kareem Khalaf, the interior ministry's national command center chief, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).
"Security staff outside Iraq will have to refer to the country's consulates and interest sections in 90 days, and those inside the country have to refer to the interior ministry in 60 days," added Khalaf. The interior ministry official affirmed that those "who fail to report to the security organizations in the country, during the mentioned period of time, will be considered involved in acts of hostility against the Iraqi people."
The interim coalition authorities led by U.S. Civil Administrator Paul Bremer, following the fall of the former regime in April 2003, had issued decisions dissolving all the then operating Iraqi security agencies, as well as the Iraqi army and information ministry.

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