Thursday, May 24, 2007


Former security forces reluctant to report to MOI

(Azzaman) - Many members of the former security forces are reluctant to join the Interior Ministry for fear of retaliation. The ministry, in a bid to accommodate former security forces, has given those residing in Iraq 60 days to report to its offices if they were willing to join the new security organs. Those living outside Iraq have 90 days to report.
The measure, according to Lt. Gen. Abdulkarim Khalifa, is part of government plans to reverse a U.S.-sponsored decree which disbanded the former army, security organizations and other institutions which served under the regime of Saddam Hussein.
Many in Iraq and abroad believe the decree was one of the main catalysts to fuel violence and the growing insurgency against U.S. occupation troops. But the move is drawing harsh criticism from several political factions and former security personnel themselves.
Some political factions, particularly those dominated by Iraqi Shiites, see the move as an attempt to resurrect former security organs and members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party. They are keen to keep the so-called policy of debaathification under which Baath party members are not allowed to take up government positions or join the armed forces.
On the other hand, many former Baath party members fear that once they register with the Interior Ministry their identity will be exposed and as a result become easy targets for ‘death squads’ bent on liquidating former army, police and security officers.

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