Tuesday, May 08, 2007


International Rebuild Iraq Exhibition opens in Amman

(Voices of Iraq) - The fourth International Rebuild Iraq Exhibition, organized by the International Fairs & Promotions group, opened on Monday in al-Abdali project in Amman. "The main aim of organizing this exhibition is to contribute to rebuild Iraq through facilitating meetings between Iraq businessmen, companies and international companies," said Jordanian Industry and Trade Minister Salem Khazalah during a joint press conference held today in Amman.
"Jordan is seeking to be an economic gate for Iraq," said Khazalah noting that the intensive participation of exhibitors from 40 Arab and foreign countries in the event would indicate a desire to establish a real partnership with Iraqi businessmen and traders for rebuilding Iraq.
The minister pointed out in the press conference that was also attended by Head of Iraqi parliament's Investment Committee Younadem Kena and Iraqi Deputy Industry Minister Mohammad Abdallah Al-Ani, that this vast participation shows the world's interest in rebuilding the country.
"The large number of companies participating in the exhibition proves that exhibitions play an important role in attracting companies to invest in the country," he continued. "Those who oppose the new Iraq are trying to envision a black picture for this country which is incorrect," Iraqi lawmaker and Head of the parliament's investment committee Younadem Kena said in the press conference.
"We do not say that everything is fine: but more than 60 percent of Iraq's territory are safe and ready for investment and reconstruction," he added. "Jordan has been Iraq' way to communicate with the world since 1980s till now," the Iraqi official also said, noting that such exhibitions would make Iraqis able to communicate with the world and with the international companies.
He urged foreign companies to invest in Iraq. The Iraqi parliament approved last December the investment law, which allows both Iraqis and foreigners to invest in the country. "This free system allows 4,000 companies registered in Iraq's Kurdistan region to enter into the Iraqi market, in addition to other companies in the south," the Iraqi official highlighted.

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