Friday, May 11, 2007


Iraqi women launch peace movement

(Voices of Iraq) - A group of Iraqi women launched a peace movement, called Balad al-Salam Bas lil Unf (Abode of Peace…No More Violence) in an effort to promote peace, put an end to violence and random killings, and defuse the political tensions in the country, the movement secretary said on Thursday.
"The movement is set up to respond to Iraq's need for a new philosophy and an honest and collective will. It is established to provide stability and security for the Iraqi people, to bring peace and to resolve current conflicts in Iraq," Iraqi Minister of Environment and Secretary General of the movement Nermin Othman said in a press conference held to announce the launch of the movement.
"Therefore, we, Iraqi women, have taken the initiative to set up this independent peaceful movement under the name 'Abode of Peace…No More Violence.' This movement is based on our belief that a great responsibility lies on our shoulders and women play an instrumental role in the peace-building process," the minister added.
"The movement aims to actively participate in the peace-building process and play an effective role in putting an end to violence in Iraq by opposing all manifestations of violence, increasing the effective participation of women in the political process and promoting the culture of peace," said MP Mayson al-Damluji from the Iraqi National Slate, who is a member of the emerging movement.
Al-Damluji highlighted the importance of bringing all Iraqi women together. "No matter what the level of our disagreement, we will work together to establish peace in Iraq." Explaining the movement's strategy, al-Damluji said that it will encourage civil society organizations to participate in its activities, and coordinate with official bodies to support peace efforts and increase women's participation in political negotiations. According to al-Damluji, the movement will also put pressure on the Iraqi political forces to include women in various community committees, reduce unemployment and improve the socio-economic conditions of the Iraqi people.
Comprised of Iraqi women from various sects and political blocs, including parliamentarians, judges and the minister of environment, the movement called on all Iraqi women to join in "from their homes."

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