Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Kurds call for adoption of their national reconciliation plan for other parts of Iraq

(Voices of Iraq) - A member of the Kurdistan Coalition parliamentary bloc called on Monday political parties and blocs to adopt Kurdistan's national reconciliation experiment, considering it valid for application in other parts of Iraq. "It was an initiative from the two main parties in Kurdistan: Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK), which showed flexibility and presented different kind of concessions," legislator Nouzad Refaat Saleh told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).
"The initiative succeeded in Kurdistan thanks to the effort made by the two major parties in the region," he added. The Iraqi government will hold a special conference for political parties and blocs within the national reconciliation project next month.
The government had held two conferences related to the national reconciliation, the first was for the national forces and political movements and the second for the former Iraqi army's senior officers."The reconciliation conference, to be held in June, is a good initiative, but we hope to be fruitful and positive," Saleh also said.
"We hope that all participants would determine their actual position regarding the Iraqi cause and cooperate to provide the best for Iraqis," the Kurdish lawmaker noted. "All parties have to mild their positions and to be more flexible for the good of Iraqi people," he emphasized. He described talks between Iran and U.S. regarding the situation in Iraq at the end of the running month as "fragile", noting that disputes between Iran and U.S. are deeply rooted and agreement between two sides vis-à-vis the Iraqi issue is difficult.
There were two administrations since 1991 until 2006 in Iraq's Kurdistan region. The first administration was based in Arbil under the present Iraq's Kurdistan region while the other was in Sulaimaniya under the present Iraq President Jalal al-Talabani. Last year, the two major Kurdish parties agreed to unite the two administrations under one government with Arbil be the capital of the region. Iraq's Kurdistan region comprises provinces of Arbil, Sulaimaniya and Duhuk in northern Iraq.

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