Tuesday, May 22, 2007


News Of The Killing Of The Three US Soldiers

(Al Bayyna Newspaper AR.) - 20 MAY - Eyewitnesses in Yousifiya say that they believe that the three US soldiers have been killed by their kidnappers. A Nahrain network reporter stated, “Eyewitnesses confirmed to him that a group of citizens from the agricultural area in Yousifiya discovered two human heads in a creek in their area. According to these people, the features of the faces of the heads, which were slightly decomposed, appeared to be that of non-Iraqis. It is possible that these are the heads of two of the kidnapped US soldier’s heads.”
On the other side, an Iraqi Voices reporter confirmed that local citizens informed the US forces and the US forces quickly retrieved the heads from the river. The US forces also began to block the water flow and began to search for the head of the third soldier. Finally, 6,000 US soldiers, with the assistance of Iraqi forces, have been searching in Yousifiya and in the vicinity of the old Russian power station in the hopes of finding the three US soldiers who were kidnapped last Saturday. The two heads that were found confirm that two of the soldiers have been killed.
COMMENT: Al Bayyna is a pro-Shiite, anti-Coalition newspaper. Al Bayyna - “The Truth” - is published weekly in Baghdad. It is owned by Hezbollah in Iraq. COMMENT ENDS.

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