Monday, May 28, 2007


No Water, No Electricity…One Liter Of Fuel Reaches 1,500 ID

(Baghdad Newspaper) - 27 MAY - It seems that the Electricity Ministry has made a deal with Baghdad Municipality to hurt the Iraqi people, especially students. Citizens have forgotten about their electricity problems but they are surprised there is no water and this is occurring all over Baghdad. This water crisis is beginning at the same time as the final exams for students.
The Iraqi people also have another problem which is called fuel. A long time ago, when Iraqi men came back home they brought a small bag containing fruits. Nowadays, when Iraqi men come home they bring a small jug containing five liters of fuel. We call this jug ‘debah.’ Today, if we ask anyone about the price of this jug he will be able to answer you quickly. Yesterday, the price was just 5,000 ID ($4), but today the price is 7,000 ID ($5.50).
Traditionally, when Iraqi families visit each other they often bring a gift. Nowadays, the Iraqi family takes a five liter jug of fuel as a gift. When somebody visits a home, you will see yourself seated in a sauna because the house owner does not have fuel for their generator [for the air conditioner to operate]. Therefore, you have to leave their house, but if you have five liters of fuel, you will enjoy the visit with your friends.
Electricity Ministry officials often state, “The southern provinces take Baghdad’s share of the electricity.” But we also see the southern provinces do not have electricity either. So where is the electricity? The other problem is that the Electricity Ministry asked the Industry Ministry to close its factories for two months. In the past, we had many factories and we also had enough electricity.

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