Thursday, May 17, 2007


Sadr Movement Opposes Some New Ministers

(Al Bayyna Newspaper) - 14 MAY - The Iraqi Parliament has postponed the assignment of seven new Ministers who will replace the six Sadr Movement Ministers and the Minister of Justice. It was believed that the vote on the new Ministers would occur on Tuesday but arguments among the political entities forced the Parliament Chief, Mahmoud Al Mashahdani, to end the session.
Sources anticipate that the Parliament will witness strong disagreements about the new Ministers. The Sadr Movement clarified that they will object to some Ministers because the nominated Ministers belong to political entities while Sadr Movement told Al Maliki that the new Ministers should be independent and professionally qualified.
Sources said that Al Maliki will face problems in the Parliament regarding the new Ministers. It is expected that the Parliament will reject some of them. Al Maliki promised to replace Al Sadr Ministers with independent Ministers and the nominated names are not independent. This issue will make the Sadr Movement angry.
The sources added, “The new Ministers names are; Dr. Mayada Abd Al Khadhm Al Hajami as Minister of Civil Society Affairs, Dr. Sabr Al Issawi as Minister of Agriculture, Ahmed Habib Al Abbas as Minister of Justice, Dr. Ridha Shurba as Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Adnan Abid Anouz as Minister of Health, Sami Atiya as Minister of Transportation, and Dr. Rafiya Shubr as a Minister of Province Affairs.
The Al Maliki government includes 32 Ministries and a Minister of State. On April 16th, six of Al Sadr’s Ministers withdrew from Al Maliki’s government because Al Maliki refused to present a [US] withdrawal schedule.

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