Monday, May 28, 2007


Sadr Office Promises To Resist, tribsal council issues threat from tribes

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(Azzaman Newspaper) - 27 MAY - The Basrah Sadr office Chief, Sheikh Adnan Al Silawi, said that the Mahdi Army insists on fighting the occupation forces. He pointed out that Sayid Muqtada Al Sadr has recommended calm in order to not drag the city of Basrah into an endless war.
The Hawza Tribal Council Chief, Muayad Thamr Al Abbadi, responded with a threat on behalf of the tribes. Al Silawi spoke at a press conference after the Mahdi Army leader in Basrah, Usama Abd Al Qadr, was killed along with two of his assistants, Salam Khrabut and Assad Fakhr. He confirmed that eight people were killed and 22 were injured by British air strikes on a mosque in the Janina area. He confirmed that Sayid Muqtada demanded the Sadr office in Basrah remain clam.
The Chief of the Hawza Tribal Council also said, “The tribes will never remain silent about the occupation’s actions.” It is believed that strong clashes will start in Basrah after the Mahdi Army commander and two of his assistants were killed by a British force and the Iraqi Special Forces. British Army spokeswoman, Captain Katie Brown said that one insurgent was killed and another two were injured. Three British soldiers were wounded in military operations in Basrah.
A Mahdi Army source in Najaf said that British forces raided the Hayaniya area and killed Usama Abu Qadr and wounded four others. He confirmed that Abu Qadr is the founder of the Mahdi Army in Basrah. Recently, Muqtada Al Sadr attempted to stop Abu Qadr’s work after clashes between Mahdi Army and Fadhila Party. Eyewitnesses said that 20 Iraqis were killed by British air strikes on the Joint Command Center in Basrah. They clarified that insurgents attacked the command center in the Hakimiya area with 50 mortar rounds for four hours. The British forces asked for air support. The British air strikes killed many civilians and damaged many houses.

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