Thursday, May 10, 2007


Sunni armed groups flee from Anbar to Mosul

(Kurdish Globe) - As tribal leaders and Sheiks in Anbar Province declare war on Al-Qaeda and other Iraqi Sunni armed groups battle them, Al-Qaeda is heading to Mosul Province, as witnessed by the increasing level of violence in the northern Iraq region. A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's (KDP) headquarters in Mosul city stated that insurgents distributed threatening leaflets there on Saturday, May 5, stating that they will launch attacks on Kurdish political party offices in the city.
"They (insurgents) said they will attack the offices belonging to Kurdish political parties, assassinate Kurdish officials, and launch suicide attacks on Kurdish checkpoints in the city," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the subject. Massoud Barzani, the President of Kurdistan Region, leads the KDP. According to the source, the same day the threatening leaflets were distributed an unknown gunmen killed a Kurdish citizen in the Arbaji neighborhood in Mosul, and the body of a Kurdish citizen was found after unknown gunmen in Shangal district kidnapped him.
Ali Karim, a Kurd, who fled from Mosul city three months ago due to attacks and threats against Kurdish people in the city, accuses former members of Baath Party and Arabs from other countries of attacking Kurds in the city. "Former Members of Baath Party and Arabs from other countries are responsible for most of the majority horrific attacks; they don't have any faith for the city and Iraq," said Karim in an angry tone.
Last month, on April 26, double suicide car bombs and an insurgent wearing a suicide belt attacked two KDP offices in the Zumar area, 50 km northwest of Mosul city, killing 3 and wounding 13 Peshmergas (Kurdish fighters).
An official at the Joint Coordination Office in Mosul Province stated that, during the last week, a suicide car bomb exploded, 64 unidentified bodies were found, 29 roadside bombs exploded, 23 mortar shells reigned mostly on security centers in the city, and 23 clashes erupted between Iraqi forces and unknown gunmen. The source did not mention the number of statistical dead and wounded and assassination operations by acts of violence in the city during the current week and last week.
Additionally in April, said the source, 241 unidentified bodies were found in Mosul Province, 137 roadside bomb exploded, 123 armed accidents occurred, 93 clashes erupted between Iraqi forces and armed groups, 14 car bombs exploded, and 9 kidnapping cases were reported.
Brigadier Salim al Hajj, head of Mosul City Council, said that the level of violence in Mosul Province has risen because tribal leaders in Anbar Province have declared war against terrorist groups, particularly Al-Qaeda, causing most of the terrorists to flee Anbar Province and head to Mosul Province. Insurgents accuse the Kurds, particularly Kurdish political parties and Peshmerga forces, of being American allies.

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