Monday, May 28, 2007


Terrorist Militias Attack Three Mosques In Baghdad

(Dar Al Salam Newspaper) - 27 MAY - On Friday, many innocent people were killed and wounded, most women and children, when ten mortars were launched by terrorist militias on Al Medina Al Munawrana Mosque in the Milhaniya area in west Baghdad. The mosque and the neighboring houses were damaged. As a matter of fact, this area has been witnessing a strong presence of US occupation and Iraqi forces. This area has also been attacked many times by militias in order to displace the [Sunni] residents like has happened in Hay Al Amil and other Baghdad areas.
On the other side, militias have attacked Al Hanan Mosque in the Waqif area in Raashdiya, [30 km north of Baghdad]. Many people were wounded. The criminal militia also attacked Othman Bin Afan Mosque in the Rasala with no other information being currently available about this attack.

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