Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Turkish forces have entered Iraq near Dahuk

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(Al Bayyna Newspaper) - 22 MAY - Al Baynna Newspaper has been informed through its own sources that the military leadership has ordered the Turkish military to be prepared to enter Iraqi territory. The Turkish forces are now next to the Iraqi border and there are some special units that have already entered 5 km into Iraq near Dahuk.
This military activity follows a large military operation that occurred April 8th, 2005, which was called, “Broom Sweeper,” against the PKK. The Turkish forces are now in Shornak Province on the Turkish border. Around 20,000 additional troops have joined those already in Silobi along the Iraqi-Turkish border. Information confirms from Jizra city that tanks from the 23rd Armored Brigade have passed through the city to the Iraqi border and are supported by tens of Cobra and Sikorsky helicopters.
The Turkish paramilitary has intensified its operations in the Ghabar and Judi Mountains. Special Turkish Airborne troops have dropped on Harimiya, Missa, and Wadhithaba cross-roads in order to block these roads to rebels who are trying to escape. Information also mentions that Turkish Intelligence has erred because the groups of PKK fighters who had been in northern Iraq have already left because of pressure from the Iraqi central and Kurdistan region governments. These PKK fighters who have already fled will now use urban tactics against the Turkish forces in southern Turkey.

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