Thursday, May 17, 2007


U.S. blamed for delay in projects

(Azzaman) - Baghdad municipality has held U.S. troops responsible for the delay and interruption of public projects in two of the city’s low-income areas. The municipality’s chief, Saber al-Aysawi, said the U.S. engineers handling the projects “are not serious in implementing them properly and on time.”
In a statement to Azzaman, Aysawi said the sewage project for the neighborhoods of al-Kamaliya and Ubaidy is more than two years overdue causing “great hardships for impoverished people in the two areas. He accused U.S. troops of creating “tensions in these poor and impoverished districts as the delay in the projects has made people blamed the municipality.”
He said the troops were also delaying other projects on purpose and “at the expense of the local population.” The inhabitants of the two densely populated areas went to the streets last month demanding the government to implement the municipal projects under construction.

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