Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Vice President To Dar Al Salam: Iraq Will Participate In Iranian-American Talks

(Dar Al Salam Newspaper) - 22 MAY - Vice President Tariq Al Hashimi said, “Iraq will participate in the meeting which will be held between the US and Iran at the end of this month in Baghdad.” Al Hashimi said at the Economic Conference held in Jordan, “The Accord Front is discussing with all political fronts on how to resolve the problems in Iraq. We call for a review of the security ministries. We have many choices and we will choose one of these options if dialogue fails.”
Al Hashimi also said, “We confirm that we have many options but now we are talking with all political fronts. We will withdraw from the government if our dialogue fails but withdrawing is not our goal. We will use it as a policy tool to send a message to our brothers in the political process. Our message is: ‘what is happening now is not serving anyone.’”
Al Hashimi confirmed that Iraq will participate in the American-Iranian talks. Iraq received an invitation to attend this meeting. He said, “We will not accept the US holding a meeting with Iraq’s neighboring states without Iraq in attendance, especially when the meeting will discuss Iraqi affairs. We received an official date for the meeting.”
Al Hashimi also said, “The Accord Front is holding discussions with the other political fronts and maybe we will form a new political front but this matter is still under discussion.” Al Hashimi spoke about the proposed oil law and said, “The Accord Front is against some items of the new oil law but the new oil law will allow foreign oil companies to invest in Iraq.”

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