Friday, July 13, 2007


Accord Front Announces It Has Expelled Parliament Member Abd Al Nasir Al Janabi

(Al Mashriq Newspaper) - 12 JUL - Yesterday, the Iraqi Accord Front decided to expel Parliament Abd Al Nasir AL Janabi who previously announced his resignation from the Parliament and that he was joining insurgent groups. Accord Front Parliament member, Omr Abid Al Sattar, confirmed to a press agency that they have expelled Abd Al Nasir Al Janabi from the Accord Front. They have also informed the Parliament that they need to replace him. Abd Al Sattar said, “Parliament member, Abd Al Nasir Al Janabi does not represent the Accord Front any more after the Front announced its decision to expel him. Now, the Accord Front is working on replacing him. The National Dialogue Front Council, which is led by Khalaf Al Aliyan, has also dismissed Al Janabi.”
Abd Al Sattar described Al Janabi as a troublemaker. Al Janabi, who now lives outside Iraq, has been accused by PM Nuri Al Maliki, as being behind the activities of insurgent groups that have been involved in killing and kidnapping civilians on the highway between Baghdad and Bail Province. General, Abd Al Karim Khalaf, Iraqi MOI spokesman, has confirmed that the MOI will pursue Al Janabi because he announced that he is joining the armed resistance. Khalaf said, “We have a file about Al Janabi and is involved in number of killings. He is wanted based on the Anti-Terrorism Law, Article #4.” He further stated that an arrest warrant will be issued for Al Janabi.

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