Friday, August 17, 2007


Al Rubaie Gives Jordanians Option Of Kirkuk’s Or Basrah’s Oil

(Al Mowaten Newspaper) - 16 AUG - Yesterday, National Security Advisor, Dr. Muwaffaq Al Rubaie, held a press conference in Amman to explain the results of his visit to Jordan. At the beginning of the conference, Al Rubaie confirmed that his visit was serious and frank. He added that he discussed the reasons behind the violence and said, “The violence in Iraq is because regional interests [conflicts] are being dealt with in Iraq. There is no sectarian war in Iraq but it is a war between extremists of all sects. Both countries have agreed that they are in one boat to fight Al Qaida, extremists and sectarianism. The threats to Iraq’s national security are threats to Jordan’s national security as well. Jordan supports Iraq’s political process and [Al Maliki’s] government.”
Regarding Iraq’s delay in implementing the agreement that was approved during the Jordanian PM’s visit to Iraq a year ago concerning providing Jordan with 50,000 barrels of oil a day at special prices, Al Rubaie said, “The security situation is the reason for delaying this agreement and the oil pipe line to Jordan has been sabotaged. We have presented two options to the Jordanians. These are to receive oil from either Basrah’s or Kirkuk’s oil fields. Basrah’s oil contains ingredients that are not compatible with Jordan’s refineries. We have been promised by the Jordanians that they will respond to us after studying the two options.” Al Rubaie concluded his statement saying, “The brothers in Jordan offered to support us and have promised that they will offer as much as they can to the Iraqis who are living in Jordan.”

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