Friday, August 17, 2007


Indefinate curfew in Diwaniyah as new governor is chosen

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(Voices of Iraq) - Local authorities in Diwaniya city imposed an indefinite curfew on the Shiite city from Thursday evening as the provincial council is expected to select a new governor for the province on Friday. "It is decided that a curfew be imposed on Diwaniya city as of Thursday 7:00 pm till further notice in preparations for the selection of a new governor for the province on Friday," acting governor Dhia Shubbar said in a statement received by the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).
Diwaniya Provincial Council accepted nominations for the post of the governor after the former governor Khalil Jalil Hamza was killed in a blast on Saturday. A source from the Provincial Council told VOI "seven persons were nominated for the post and the 41-member-council is expected to name the new governor by voting on Friday." SICI member, Sheikh Hussain Al Badari, the chief of the council’s security committee; Dawa Party member, Laith Ali Motar; Diwaniya Governorate Council member and SICI member, Sheikh Ghanim Abid Dahish; and Accord Front member, Muslim Al Ghazi are among the nominees for the governor position.
Diwaniya is 180 km south of Baghdad.

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