Thursday, August 30, 2007


Iraq Business and Investment Conference in Dubai starts

Regional conference
(AME Info FZ LLC) - The vice-president of Iraq Dr Adel Abdul Mehdi opened the first Iraq Business and Investment Conference in Dubai (IBIC) as the head of a delegation of over 100 businessmen from southern Iraq. The conference attracted over 300 UAE and international businessmen interested in exploring business and investment opportunities with their Iraqi counterparts.
Panel sessions covered the legal environment for conducting business in Iraq, financing private sector business, trade and commerce and private sector banking. This was followed by parallel meetings covering specific business opportunities in the seven southern governates of Iraq chaired by their respective governors.
Dr Mehdi said 'Iraq's new investment law will facilitate investment for both Iraqi and non-Iraqi businesses by providing a secure investment environment. Business people know the capacities and resources of Iraq. These delegates are the experts brought together at this conference to present opportunities for investments across a wide range of industries. Iraq is not only oil and gas but also agriculture, infrastructure and tourism, both historic and religious.'
Five Iraqi government ministers are also attending the conference. Sessions will include presentations concerning joint ventures with state owned enterprises, investment in agriculture, free zones, construction and contracting and opportunities in reconstruction and management associated with the port of Basra.

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