Friday, August 10, 2007


Iraq security confernece in Syria underlines need for unity

(SANA) - An international meeting on Iraq Thursday underlined respect to the country's unity and sovereignty, non-interference in its internal affairs and the need to achieve national reconciliation among different Iraqi parties. Security Coordination and Cooperation Committee for Iraq neighboring countries condemned in a final statement following two-day meetings all acts of terrorism and violence which target Iraqi innocent civilians, infrastructure, institutions and worship places.
"Border control is a joint responsibility between Iraq and its neighbors," the statement said, announcing readiness to cooperate with the Iraqi government in its efforts to realize security and stability in Iraq, re-establish Iraqi security and army forces on national and professional bases." The participants agreed to submit a group of recommendations to the foreign Ministers' meeting of Iraq neighboring countries due later in Istanbul and to the interior Ministers' meeting expected in Kuwait.
The two-day meetings discussed issues related to security cooperation, combating terrorism and organized crime, and ways of monitoring borders. Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Arab League and UN delegations in addition to representatives from UN permanent member states took part in the meeting.
Head of the Iraqi delegation to the meeting, Labid Abawi described recommendations as important and "they meet Iraq's aspirations," adding "discussions on Iraq were held within an atmosphere of frankness, transparency and seriousness. He denied some media reports claiming that the Iraqi delegation handed a paper on smuggling weapons and infiltrating fighters from Syria into Iraq, saying "those reports are incorrect allegations."

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