Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Islamic State of Iraq announces changes in 'government'

(MEMRI) - An ISI communiqué posted August 25, 2007 on Islamist websites announces changes in the ISI government, including the dismissal of the present chief qadi and the appointment of a new one, and the appointment of a new education minister. The following are the main points of the communiqué:
"The office of the Commander of the Believers, Abu 'Omar Al-Baghdadi, has decided to dismiss the present chief qadi, Abu Suleiman Al-'Atibi, and to appoint in his place Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al-Jabouri. "We announce to the Islamic nation that the shari'a courts in all the ISI provinces are continuing to implement Allah's law, and to mete out punishment according to the laws of Islam, especially for [crimes of] theft, robbery and adultery...
"On the occasion of the new school year... and in order to bring up a new generation that will be raised according to the pure tenets of the Islamic faith, away from the impurity of secularism and deviant faiths, the Islamic government of our blessed Islamic State [of Iraq] is happy to announce the appointment of Muhammad Khalil Al-Badri to the role of education minister... "Oh Allah... Defeat America and its allies, turn them and all their equipment into booty in the hands of the Muslims... and destroy America..."

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