Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Judicial Procedures Begin Against Mujahadin Khalq

(Al Mada Newspaper) - 14 AUG - Judge Jaffar Al Musawi, the General Prosecutor of the Supreme Criminal Court, stated that legal procedures have begun regarding the case of the Iranian Mujahadin Khalq organization. In his press release, Al Musawi added, “The charges of wasting Iraq’s money and killing Iraqis have been filed against the Mujahadin Khalq after special evidence was collected which condemns this organization. The US forces cannot protect this organization from the Iraqi judicial system which will conduct a trial against them. The Iraqi judicial system is not under the Americans or anyone else. It is independent and no one in the entire world can give immunity to the killers of the Iraqi people.”
Some Iraqi sides are working to end the Khalq’s presence in Iraq because they accuse them of assassinating Iraqi opposition members [prior to 2003] and also of suppressing the southern uprising against the former regime in 1991.

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