Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Karbala’s Tribal Sheikhs Hold Security Meeting

Security, Tribal
(Badr Newspaper) - 20 AUG - The Sayid Al Shuhadda Movement held a security meeting in Karbala. Many Karbala tribal sheikhs participated in this meeting. The goal of this meeting was to discuss the security preparations for the Shabbaniya visit.
Major General Salih Khazal, the Karbala Operations Room Chief, attended this meeting. The Major General spoke about the security plan that was created by the Army and the police. He also mentioned that a commando battalion has been deployed to the areas of Ma’amil Al Cement [the cement factory area] and the Sayid Ahmed Bin Hashim area, 80 KM west of Karbala. The tribal sheikhs expressed their full cooperation with the security organizations to protect the visitors of Imam Al Hussein during the Shabbaniya visit. A number of sheikhs have submitted notes to the Karbala operation room chief to increase the security cooperation of the tribes during the visit.

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