Friday, August 17, 2007


Kurdish Guarantees For Accord Front To Return To The Government

(Badr Newspaper) - 16 AUG - President Talabani said that he is ready to meet the Accord front’s demands and to convince PM Al Maliki despite his initial reservations regarding some of these demands. In return, the Accord Front should show some flexibility on some demands that are difficult to implement because of the situation. Additionally, the Accord Front should show its full support of the political process once their demands are met.
A Kurdish Parliament member added, “The Kurdistan region President’s [Massoud Al Barzani] visit to Baghdad is coordinated with Talabani’s efforts to motivate the political process through meetings with the Accord Front which may lead to a joint understanding with the other entities in order to establish a “joint national understanding government.” Meanwhile, President Talabani and the Kurdistan region President have shown some acceptance of the Accord Front’s demands which may give the Front a larger role in Al Maliki’s government.

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