Monday, August 20, 2007


Mosul curfew extended

(Azzaman) - Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, has been placed under a tight curfew covering most of the day and the whole night. The decision to slap the curfew was taken by Governor Duraid Kashmoullah following the devastating car bombings on Wednesday in which 400 people were killed and 600 wounded. The villages targeted were inhabited by Yazidis, a little know sect to the world whose members in the eyes of Qaeda organization are infidels who must either convert to Islam or die.
The devastated villages though under Kurdish militia control are still within the provincial borders of Nineveh of which Mosul is the capital. The bombings have sent yet another signal that Mosul is turning into a major Qaeda garrison. Many parts of the city itself are no-go areas for both Iraqi and U.S. troops and Qaeda militants impose their way of life relying on a strict interpretation of Islam on most of the province.
Kashmoullah in announcing the extension of the curfew to 6 a.m. from 3 p.m. said his decision was driven by “the necessity to take new security measures.” He did reveal the measures but acknowledge that operations by insurgents have increased recently and he was keen to have them contained.

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