Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Oil Exports Declining And Six Billion Dollars Lost Annually…Terrorists Control An Oil Field north of Baghdad

Insurgency, Oil
(Al Mowaten Newspaper) - 7 AUG - A source said that part of an oil field “east” of Baghdad is controlled by terrorists. The unidentified source said that terrorist groups in the Rashdiya area control the oil wells in this field; and that Well #25 is one of the oil wells under their control. At least four tanker trucks per day are stolen. The source confirmed that this stealing began six months ago and about “15 million dollars” have been lost. The source announced that coalition forces and Iraqi security forces have not taken any action to stop the stealing or to attack the terrorists.
Also, the OPF has not carried out its duty to protect the fields. It is known that the production of this field is between 15,000 to 20,000 barrels per day. This field’s production is used by Dora Refinery and Al Quds Electricity Power Station. The “east” Baghdad field is one of the largest fields in Iraq and is supposed to be further developed so it will produce 35,000 barrels per day.
It is also one of the most geologically complicated fields and needs large investment. The field’s oil reserves are more than seven billion barrels and are about 6% of Iraq’s oil reserves. The oil field reaches from Salah Ad Din to Wasit in southern Iraq. A report from the American accounting office announced that the Iraqi government needs a long period of time before it can meet American demands for Iraqi production. The report published in the Washington Post said that after four years and three billion dollars being spent on the construction program for Iraq, the entire oil industry’s capacity is still low and lower than what the American administration was planning for. The report confirmed that security and corruption are behind hindering the oil sector.

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