Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sadr Movement Denies That They Agree With The Oil And Gas Law

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(Al Sabah Al Jadeed Newspaper) - 28 AUG - On Monday, Nassar Al Rubaie, the Chief of the Sadr Movement’s bloc in the Iraqi Parliament, issued a “denial” of recent claims that the Sadr Movement supports the Oil and Gas Law. Al Rubaie also demanded: items must be added to this Law, in order to prevent the issuing of contracts to oil companies (of countries) which have (Occupation) armies here in Iraq!
Al Rubaie clarified: there are many problems with the (Draft) Oil and Gas Law; these problems include the distribution of Oil and Gas revenue. (Again,) Al Rubaie stated: the Sadr Movement demands that oil companies…of countries which have (military) forces in Iraq…not be allowed to receive Oil and Gas contracts!
Al Rubaie added: we can not (should not) deal with the companies (of those countries) because that would help finance their (military) forces. We want to put more pressure on these forces… in order to achieve their prompt withdrawal from Iraq!

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