Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Shalash Does Not Accept Presidency Of Southern Iraq

(Addustour Newspaper) - 14 AUG - There was almost a split inside the Free Iraqi Society Party which is led by Dr. Abd Al Muhsin Shalash Al Sarai because some people in southern Iraq have nominated the party leader to be the President of Southern Iraq’s government. The party leader [Shalash] announced that he will not accept the position. He also said that Iraqi is full of politicians who may accept this position. He added that the nomination came at an inappropriate time.
COMMENT: More than 50 southern tribal sheikhs agreed to establish a self-governing body in southern Iraq. They issued a declaration of this government on July 24th and nominated Dr. Abd Al Muhsin Shalash Al Sarai to lead it. COMMENT ENDS.

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