Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Turkish forces cross 1 km. over border into southern Kurdistan

(PUKmedia) - After we published news of deployment of nearly 300-350 thousands of a special Turkish commando force into Kurdistan Region territories in Zakho district near Turkish frontier, PUKmedia got private information stating that the Turkish force crossed the Iraqi border along 1 km and deployed in Sari Spi area which locates behind the villages of Bitkari and Spindari, north east of Zakho town, towards Jali district of the Turkish province of Hakari.
The sources said that the Turkish commandos force was deploying from time to time in the above-mentioned area during the past years particularly in Summer, stressing that these deployments of those forces are in frame work of the Turkish military concentrations’ on the Kurdistan Region borders and the threats which the Turkish leaders launched about conducting a military operation by the Turkish army.
Worth mentioning the Turkish artillery continuously shells the border areas in Zakho town; their claim is the existence of PKK elements there. Some Media also denied news of the incursion into the Iraqi territories; we reassure that the Turkish forces crossed the international borders by 1 km.

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