Monday, September 10, 2007


19 regional states and organisations meet in Baghdad

(Voices of Iraq) - Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Sunday inaugurated the 2nd conference for Iraq's neighbors in Baghdad with the participation of more than 19 states and organizations, stressing that his government "is resolved to regain security and uproot terrorism in the country. Iraq is resolved to regain security and stability and the government is determined to uproot terrorism," Maliki said in his speech to the participants.
The Prime Minister added "the Iraqi government is making progress in all fields and is working to invest the country's riches properly." Maliki received recently heavy criticism from U.S. officials and congressmen on the stalled progress towards passing what they described as "essential draft laws for achieving national reconciliation and wealth sharing."
"Iraqi institutions nowadays work according to the constitution that was approved by the Iraqi people in a general referendum. Among the major principles mentioned in that constitution are establishing good relations with neighbors, non-interfering in other countries' internal affairs, adopting dialogue as a means to solve problems and combating common challenges," Maliki told the conference.
The Iraqi premier who appreciated the presence of the participating delegations said "holding the 2nd conference in Baghdad has many implications, chiefly among them, showing support to Iraq and desire to establish sincere ties with it." Maliki expressed his government's keenness on overcoming the challenges posed by what he branded as "forces of evil, terrorism, gunmen and militias."
"The Iraqi government acts towards rebuilding the country's economy after the damage sustained due to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991," Maliki also said. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zibari, on his part, urged, in his address, Iraq's neighbors to exert more efforts to help regain security and stability in the war-torn country. The conference was scheduled to be attended by 22 states and organization but the delay in the arrival of some delegations caused it to convene with the participation of delegations representing 19 states and organizations.

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