Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Al-Khalis tribal leaders join Diala Rescue Council

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(Voices of Iraq) - Tribal leaders from three Sunni villages in al-Khalis's neighborhood of al-Mansouriya have joined Diala Rescue Council in an attempt to defeat al-Qaeda, a member of the council's general board, Awwad Najm al-Rubaie, said on Monday.
"Sheikhs and top tribal leaders from the villages of al-Wishah, al-Bazwini and al-Wisi in al-Khalis, (15 km north of Baaquba) decided on Sunday to join Diala Rescue Council to fight al-Qaeda and all takfir (declaring someone an infidel) groups, which hold sway over dozens of villages and cities in the province," al-Rubaie told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).
"Some of the reasons that prompted them to take this decision were the transgressions and fatwas issued by the self-styled 'Leaders of the Islamic State,' which coerced girls into marrying al-Qaeda leaders who have Arab and Afghan nationalities…," al-Rubaie explained. Other fatwas permitted the seizure of property of immigrant families, accused a large segment of the Iraqi people of disbelief and allowed the killing of innocent civilians, he added.
Diala Rescue Council, which includes 70 tribal leaders of different sects and 15,000 fighters, announced its readiness to cooperate with the Iraqi security apparatus and join efforts against terrorism. Baaquba, the capital city of Diala province, is located 57 northeast of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

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