Monday, September 03, 2007


Asiacell launches service in Erbil

(Voices of Iraq) - Asiacell has launched its service in the capital of Iraq's Kurdistan region Erbil, the GSM company's subscribers said on Saturday. An Asiacell subscriber said that he is now able to receive phone calls from his family in Baghdad via his mobile phone, while another said that it is not yet possible to call subscribers to other companies.
All Asiacell subscribers now can make and receive calls between Sulaimaniyah and Erbil. AsiaCell, Korek Telecom and MTC Atheer were the three winners in the mobile phone license auction held by the Iraqi goverin the Jordanian capital Amman a few days ago.
Mobile phone services were first launched in Iraq in early 2004 after the collapse of the former Iraqi regime and the Cairo-based Orascom Telecom Holdings, Kuwait's Mobile Telecommunications Co and AsiaCell were the winners in an auction that drew 35 bidders. Asiacell operated in Iraq's Kurdistan region from 1999. Under the then contracts, Orascom's network covered central Iraq, including Baghdad, AsiaCell served northern Iraq, while Atheer Tel (from Kuwait) operated in the south.

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