Monday, September 10, 2007


Basrah’s Sadr Office Official Warns Americans: Do Not Enter Basrah

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(Addustour Newspaper) - 9 SEP - An official in Basrah’s Sadr Office warned, “US forces, do not enter Basrah…and try to take the place of the British forces.” Abd Al Razaq Al Nidawi delivered a speech in the Martyr Abu Qadr’s Square, located in western Basrah’s Hussein area. This speech was made at the end of a procession/parade of cars full of Sadr Movement followers who had driven through Basrah’s streets in celebration of the withdrawal of British forces from Basrah’s Presidential Palaces.
In this speech Al Nidawi said, “We congratulate Basrah’s residents because, we have defeated the British forces! We warn the US forces, not to take the place of the defeated British forces!” He added, “Although we were patient for a long time while defeating the British forces we will not be patient at all with the American forces if they attempt to enter Basrah!”
Al Nidawi continued, “The goal of the events in Karbala was to cause the spread of sectarian sedition. Sayid Muqtada Al Sadr has made a wise decision about ‘freezing’ the Mahdi Army in order to confront sedition. He (Al Sadr) wants to restructure the (Mahdi) Army in order to prevent anyone from infiltrating it or (falsely) using its’ name.” Al Nidawi went on, “The Occupation is not included in this decision (about the Mahdi Army). Resisting the Occupation is a legal (legitimate) action; we will not stop resisting them.”
On Wednesday, the ceremony for the official signing of the memorandum which handed over responsibility for Basrah’s Presidential Palaces from the British forces, to the Iraqi government was completed.

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