Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Conference Held For Basrah’s Political Powers

(Al Mashriq Newspaper) - 10 SEP - Yesterday, Basrah’s Sadr Office held a conference which was attended by political and religious powers. The attendees included: Representatives of the “National Movement” (a small political front) which consists of eight democratic parties, and Saabists, (a minority religious group). Fadhila Party did not attend this conference; because, Fadhila Party has “deep disputes” with the Sadr Office.
Sheikh Abd Al Razaq Al Nadawi, the Manager of the Sadr Office in Basrah called for the issuing of a “fatwa” which forbids Iraqi bloodshed. And (Sheikh Al Nadawi), also called for the Chiefs (Sheikhs) of all the Tribes to: stop disputes, and work to achieve “unified speech and positions” (common ground). Then, Al Nadawi asked the Civil Community Organizations to: activate dialogue and National Reconciliation…and adopt “national attitudes” to deal with all opinions.
[It is worthy to note that] This Conference was held after the huge celebrations…which began on Friday… after the British forces signed the decision to withdraw their troops from (Basrah’s) Presidential Palaces. The celebration (marches, parades, and convoys of cars loaded with rejoicing people) ended in Basrah’s Al Hussein area…which is the (area of Basrah with) the most Mahdi Army “bases.”
Al Nadawi (the Manager of the Sadr Office in Basrah) also warned American troops not to enter Basrah; he said, “The Occupation forces are not included in the truce! ‘Freezing’ Mahdi Army activities do not include ‘freezing’ its actions against American troops!" According to many observers, the Sadr Office in Basrah held this conference… called the “Security and Stabilization Conference”… in order to:
Calm the local and national government, and
Decrease local residents’ fears that the Mahdi Army will take control of (all) of Basrah’s security and community services…after the British withdraw from Basrah’s Presidential Palaces.
Basrah’s “Operations Commander” – General Mohan Hafidh said, during the conference, that the (Iraqi) Security Forces have the ability to maintain security (keep the peace)…if the people, parties, and social sects cooperate with the security forces. He also said that the mission of his forces is to: pressure criminals and outlaws to abandon their own (selfish) loyalties. He also said: the (Iraqi) aircraft will soon arrive…within two weeks from now.

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