Monday, September 17, 2007


Dawa Party may withdraw from UIC

(Voices of Iraq) - The Daawa Party-Iraq Organization may withdraw from the Shiite Unified Iraqi Coalition (UIC) if efforts to heal the rift within the Shiite alliance fail, the leader of the party, Abdul Kareem al-Anzy, said on Sunday. The decision comes less than 24 hours after the defection of the Sadrist bloc from the UIC, the largest parliamentary bloc in the Iraqi parliament.
In statements to the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI), al-Anzi said that his party, which holds 13 seats in the 275-member parliament, will make every effort to "mend the rift within the coalition." "If our attempts prove unsuccessful, we will seriously consider forming an alliance with the Sadr movement, al-Fadila Party, and others," al-Anzi added.
Al-Anzi held Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki responsible for the subsequent withdrawal of the coalition's components, claiming that divisions have reached the Islamic Daawa party, led by al-Maliki, and described the Sadrist bloc's defection as a "strike to the core." "Al-Maliki made a strategic mistake when he joined the four-way alliance without consulting his coalition," al-Anzi noted.
The Islamic Daawa Party, the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC), and the two main Kurdish parties formed a four-way alliance in mid-August that they said aims at backing the current Iraqi government following the withdrawal of some political blocs from the cabinet.

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