Thursday, September 20, 2007


Dawa Party reiterates commitment to UIC

(Voices of Iraq) - The Daawa Party-Iraq has reiterated its commitment to the Shiite Unified Iraqi Coalition (UIC), denying reports that indicate its withdrawal from the bloc. "We continue to support Nouri al-Maliki's government and our main aim is to tackle all pending issues inside the UIC," the leader of the party, Abdul Kareem al-Anzi, said at a press conference held on Wednesday in Baghdad.
He denied reports that indicated its withdrawal from the UIC, but said they will work towards a strong coalition. Al-Anzi said last Sunday that the party may withdraw from the Shiite UIC if efforts to heal the rift within the Shiite alliance fail. The party's MP Abd al-Mousawi said that the Daawa Party had announced its commitment to the unified national government, underlining the importance of the presence of the Fadhila party and the Sadrist bloc in the UIC.
The party holds 13 seats out of the 83-seat UIC. The UIC was composed of several (Shiite) religious and political organizations and parties that entered the first legislative elections in Iraq to be held after foreign troops entered the country and unseated the regime in April 2003. The UIC now has 83 seats, after two members on the Risalyoon list, an offshoot of the Sadrist bloc, quit in solidarity. The step was preceded by the withdrawal of the Islamic Fadhila (Virtue) Party, which had 15 seats in March 2007.

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