Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Heavy Weapons And Aircraft To Increase Security In Basrah

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(Al Mada Newspaper) - 10 SEP - Basrah’s Operation Commander, General Mohan Hamidh Al Firaji, said the government will provide heavy weapons and aircraft for the security forces in Basrah. During the conference that was held in the Sadr office in Basrah, Al Firaji said the security forces in Basrah received heavy weapons such as tanks and other weapons.
Al Firaji said, “This week an Iraqi Air Force squadron should arrive to increase security in the city which we all want to be peaceful and secure.” Al Firaji continued by saying, “The security forces cannot keep security in any city without the help of the citizens and we are looking forward to Basrah’s citizens’ assistance to increase security because security is a national responsibility.” Gen. Al Firaji was appointed by Prime Minister, Nuri Al Maliki after the removal of the last security committee six weeks ago.
On Saturday, the Sadr office in Basrah held a conference named “Security and Stabilization.” This conference was attended by all national and religious parties as well as tribal sheikhs and prominent individuals. The conference was also attended by security commanders in Basrah.
On the security side, a source from the Oil Protection Force said that three benzene tankers were captured west of Basrah in separate operations. These tankers were heading to other governorates. On Saturday, the security and emergency forces caught two tankers. Each tanker was loaded with about 36,000 liters on the highway near Zubba oil field, 50 KM west of Basrah. The tankers were on their way to smuggle their fuel to other governorates. The two drivers were arrested and were carrying false documents.
The source added that the northern Basrah force captured another benzene tanker near the Al Tuba oil storage facility, 45 KM west of Basrah. It was loaded with 36,000 liters of fuel. In Basrah, there is a network of main oil pipe lines routed between the governorates or for export. These pipelines are often attacked by smugglers because they are difficult to secure due to their remote locations.
The first pipeline is the first strategic line north of Al Rumaila Al Shamaliya. The second main pipeline is the National Investment Pipeline which is also in Al Rumaila Al Shamaliya. The pump pipeline is located in Zubayr One. There is also the Bazargan to Faw pipeline and the Nahr Omr to Shatt Al Basrah Pipeline, the Al Hizma Al Sharqiya Pipeline and the Iraqi / Saudi Pipeline (Zubayr Two to Al Majiz).

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