Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Insurgents target Iraqi interpreters in Basra

(UPI) - There were unconfirmed reports Monday Iraqi insurgents targeting Basra citizens who worked for British forces had abducted and killed a former interpreter. Police Col. Ali Manshed told a Times of London correspondent the bullet-riddled body of Moayed Ahmed Khalaf had been found dumped in a city street.
Three other sources said about 10 men stormed the man's house and beat him in front of his wife and mother before taking him away. While the sources said Khalaf had worked as an interpreter for British forces, a military spokesman told the newspaper the army could find no record of Khalaf's employment.
Iraqis who worked for the British are considered collaborators by insurgents and when the British turned over their downtown Basra post to the Iraqi army two weeks ago, Iraqi officials warned former employees to seek safety elsewhere. "All the people who worked for the British forces are not safe now," Manshed told the newspaper. "Even people who quit one or two years ago are in danger."

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