Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Ma’in Tribes (Sunnis) Thank Abu Dschir’s (Shiite) Residents For Receiving (Welcoming) Hor Rijab’s (Displaced Sunni) People

(Quttoff Newspaper) - 17 SEP - The Sunni Al Ma’in tribes …who live in the Hor Rijab area (of southern Baghdad)… thanked the (Shiite) residents of the neighboring Abu Dschir area, for receiving (accepting and welcoming) the displaced (Sunni) families and providing them with assistance. During a press conference, a source in the (Sunni) Hor Rijab Awakening Council said, “Abu Dschir’s (Shiite) people received about 160 families from the Hor Rijab people… who were displaced since Tuesday… because Al Qaida members attacked the Hor Rijab area, and took control of it.
Abu Dschir’s people said that they are ready to help the (Hor Rijab) Awakening Council …and to fight like brothers… in one line! The source added, “The number of Al Qaida members who attacked the Hor Rijab area was in the hundreds… from different (various foreign) nationalities. They burned (innocent) civilians’ houses in addition to the houses of the Awakening Council’s members.”

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