Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A “Salvation Council” And Two “Battalions” Have Been Formed In Mosul To Fight Al Qaida

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(Azzaman Newspaper) - 17 SEP - Duraid Mohammed Kashmula - Ninawa’s Governor said “Al Qaida members have been coming into Mosul …after fleeing from Baghdad and Anbar provinces.” During a meeting with “Bill Rowe, the MNF’s Deputy Commander”, who visited Mosul on Saturday, Kashmula said, “The (Ninawa Province’s) security forces are suffering from a shortage of equipment and weapons.” Kashmula called for the government to take care of the security forces in Mosul. Kashmula also said, “The central Government has not helped Mosul; the central government has not hired new people for Mosul’s government facilities.”
During a press conference that was held in Washington DC, General David Petraeus, the US forces Commander in Iraq, said: Al Qaida is planning on conducting operations in Mosul…Al Qaida has lost its safe haven in Anbar.
In related news, Sheikh Fawaz Al Jarba said, “The Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki has agreed to form a Mosul Salvation Council (similar to Anbar’s Salvation Council). This Council will include Mosul’s tribes (that are willing) to fight Al Qaida.” Al Jarba clarified “Two battalions, including the tribal fighters will be formed.” Sheikh Al Jarba told Iraq Voices news agency “The council includes tribes of: Shimar, Taie, Al Nay’im, Albu Badran, Yazidi (sect’s) tribe and Jarjariya. All these tribes will cooperate in cleansing the Province of Al Qaida (ridding the Province of Al Qaida).”
Al Jarba added, “I received an official message from the Prime Minister, Nuri Al Maliki; this message included an agreement (authorization) to form two ‘military battalions’ that include (fighters from) these tribes. Each battalion will have 650 fighters. In the past, similar (Salvation or Awakening) Council’s have formed in (the Provinces of) Anbar, Diyala, Salah Ad Din, and Baghdad. The purpose of these councils is to fight Al Qaida. These Councils cooperate with the Iraqi government and the MNF forces.
Al Jarba also said “Our Council wants (intends) to control the highway between Mosul and Ramadi. This highway is used by Al Qaida to infiltrate Mosul. We have a plan to ‘clear’ the villages and towns located around Mosul; and then to move into the City’s center.” Al Jarba also mentioned “The Mosul Salvation Council members have contact with Kurdish leaders. The Kurdish leaders have expressed their support for this Council.”
Al Jarba added, “Al Qaida in Mosul has fought and targeted residents and civilians; therefore everyone wants to support the government to fight Al Qaida. The Shimar tribe has lost nine men, from (just) one family, killed by Al Qaida.”

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